Art Station Challenge: NEO TOKYO

It's finally over! here my final submission, it has been an incredible journey, i want to thanks all my friend that shared my enthusiasm for this very long challenge. Alberto, Claudio, Ludovico, Galaxy, Kimia, Alex, Lufio, Diego and Nikos thanks from the bottom of my heart for the feedback and the company, there is no challenge i can't face with an amazing pirate crew like that. A special Thanks goes to Francesco and his brother Riccardo that made me a stunning rig and animation for my character, you really made my character alive. Also i want to thanks Nathaniel for the big help developing my new brush strokes texturing technique. And Last but absolutely not least, i want to praise my Girlfriend Lottie for her extraordinary Support and care day by day for this 2 very long months. there is no chance i would have make it without her encouragement every time i was feeling out of fuel or ready to give up. Thanks Everyone i haven't mention here, i have dozen of hours of missing sleep, forgive me if i forgot to mention someone.
Francesco Vella: